How To Get A Forklift License

October 26, 2019

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The Forklift is heavy equipment. In Australia, it is considered a high-risk work. Hence, you have to complete certain steps to become a licensed forklift operator.


How To Get A Forklift License In Australia


First Step – Choose Your Forklift License

There are two types of forklift licenses – L.O and L.F.

L.O license means you can pick up orders or stocks. L.F license means you can drive any type of forklift (except order picking or stock picking).

The application process of these licenses is almost the same.


Second Step – Go To A R.T.O

R.T.O means ‘registered training organization’. To get a forklift license & license in Dandenong South, you need A ‘Statement of Attainment’ and a ‘Notice of Assessment’. If you pass from a registered trainer, then you can get these documents.

After completing your training, you have to give two exams. You have to give a written exam and a practical exam. These exams will be observed by the trainer.


Third Step – E.O.I Requirements

In Australia, you have to submit ‘Evidence of Identity’ to get your forklift license. This ‘E.O.I’ has 100 points. Different types of documents carry different points.

You can submit – birth certificate, passport, driving license, marriage certificate, credit cards, bank records, electricity or internet bills, etc. In short, you have to prove your identity. If you get 100 points, then it would be easier for you to get a forklift license.


Fourth Step – Other Requirements

To get a forklift license you must be an Australian citizen.

You should be able to speak English.

You have to be above 18 years age.

You Should have a Unique Student Identifier id/number.

Recent Passport Size Photo and fees.


Fifth Step – Submission Of Documents

Now, you have to visit an Australia Post. You will submit – E.O.I documents, documents from R.T.O and all the above documents (other requirements).

After submitting your documents and fees, you will get your forklift license. Usually, you can get your license within three weeks (via Email). But you may have to wait for 60 days to get your original forklift license.


After every five years, you have to renew your forklift license. At that time, you have to submit fees and documents to renew your license.