How to get a pool installed for cheap

October 8, 2019

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Wondering how to get a pool installed for cheap? You dream of installing a pool in your garden, but the question of the budget scares you? Several solutions are available. You can lower the bill on the following items: the structure and shape of the pool, construction, choice of equipment.


Pool features


The features of your pool, its shape, its accessories will partly define the budget of your pool.


Of course, the choice of the shape of your pool should match your desires, but be aware that a conventional rectangular basin of reasonable dimensions is always less expensive than a large pool of complex shapes.


The size and depth of the pool will influence the price by a big margin, because of the amount of concrete used, the volume of the filter, the power of the pump, the security system, etc. Regarding the access, the ladder and the acrylic staircase remain the least expensive. The masonry staircase adds an additional cost.


Build your own pool


By building your own pool, you save 50% of the costs of its construction. This is key to ensuring substantial savings.


To get a pool installed for cheap you can ask the help of your friends. Think about the skills you have and those of your friends. Electricity requires more than seeing a couple of Youtube clips so better call a professional to help there.


If at any stage you feel unable to complete the project, you have the choice of calling a professional to help you with the pool heating a tweed heads. They can provide precise blueprints and tips, They can even intervene (for a fee) and help with the installation of the liner or the installation of the heat pump for example.


The choice of equipment


It is more advantageous to choose a swimming pool kit than buying individual elements for your swimming pool. This is how you get a pool installed for cheap – go with the kits and do not try to build the whole thing from scratch.


It’s up to you to determine your priorities. Use the solutions that are best adapted to your skills, while keeping a close eye on your budget.