How to pick a nice skirt

October 2, 2019

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If you are thinking how to pick a nice skirt then you are at the right place. Picking the perfect skirt for your body type might be a difficult task for some people as there are different styles of skirts available these days. Below is the list of some types of body shapes and the kind of skirts which would look nice on them:


Pear shaped

For the females who are having a pear shaped body, it is best to avoid the pencil style skirts as these types often attracts attention to the hip area and thigh. Instead, a long A-line skirt would look great on these females as these types of skirts fits perfectly at the waist area.


Hour-glass shaped

Pencil skirts looks great on the females having an hour-glass figure. However, rather than squeeze the curves, the skirts need to hug their curves.


Apple shaped

The females having an apple shaped figure should wear skirts having inverted pleats which start beneath the stomach area as this helps with focusing attention to the waist area.


Boyish shaped

For the females having a boyish shaped figure needs to wear those types of skirts which would be able to create an illusion of extra feminine curves. So, for them, a tulip-styled skirt would be perfect. These types of skirts are designed in such a way that they gather at the female’s waist, thereby getting narrower as they move down the body, heading towards the knees.


No matter which type of skirt you are choosing for yourself, it is very essential to buy the right style and fit for your body type. It is also very important to wear that skirt in which you would feel comfortable in because if you are not comfortable wearing it then you won’t be able to work or enjoy. There is no point wearing that which makes life difficult. A nice skirt or sass dresses online at Lelulah Boutique in which you feel comfortable would be an excellent choice for any occasion.