How to Pick the Best Hens Night Packages

July 16, 2019

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Hens night. Your one chance to prove that you deserve the title “maid of honor”. Once you’ve done the basics: setting a budget and choosing a theme for the night, it’s now time to choose a location. Bear in mind that because hens night is such a big deal, many locations offer all-inclusive packages that cost less for groups. But not all packages are the same, so we’re going to show you how to pick the best hens day activities, what are necessities, and which items are just fillers. Bonus points if you can customise your package.
Awesome Packages Include
– Transportation: chances are everyone’s going to end up pretty tipsy, and no one wants to be the designated driver. If you get a package that includes a fab vehicle for your whole group, then gladly pick it. A party bus or a limo’s a pretty good way to go about your girl’s hens night.
– Unlimited Drinks: the whole point of the party will be to get wasted. if you can pay a fixed fee for the whole night, then grab the package and don’t ask questions. Just kidding, find out what it’ll cost and how many hours the drinks are free.
– Show Tickets: try and ensure your package includes great seats to shows that are within your party’s theme. The last thing you want is to make plans on your own, but find your top shows sold out. If there are free after parties, even better.
– Food: whether finger foods or fine dinning with an unlimited number of courses, make sure your hens night includes something to nom on.
– Bonus points for photographer and theme games.
– Topless Waiters: because duh? They’re such a hens night staple, any company that excludes them probably don’t what they’re doing. So don’t get charged extra for them.
– Invites: keeping everyone in the group informed really shouldn’t be a big deal. So money spent on special invites could be spent on other activities.