Is sydney a fun place to visit

October 14, 2019

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If you are looking for a travel destination filled with a variety of fun places worth visiting, look no farther than Australia’s capital, Sydney.


Why is Sydney a fun place to visit?


1.Taronga Zoo


The moment you set foot in Taronga Zoo, you’ll feel like you just transported into another world.


The zoo is huge, filled with many animals.


And despite its large size, Sky Safari and the zoo train will make sure that you’ll get around comfortably.


And do you want to hear another great news? It’s even possible to stay there at night by sleeping in safari-style tents.


2. Luna Park


Luna Park is another great attraction spot for many reasons such as for its terrifying-yet-thrilling roller coaster, Coney Island, an old-school funhouse famous for its sideshow games, and a mirror maze.


3. SCG


If you are an enthusiastic sports fan, SCG is a place that you must visit.


The venue hosts many kinds of sports games such as rugby, AFL, and cricket.


If you’d like, you can even buy unique souvenirs for you or your friends and family back home.


4. Museums


Sydney is famous for its world class museums.


Each of them will give you deep insight into the city as well as allowing you to enjoy magnificent art pieces brought from different parts of the world.


5. Opera House


This famous building hosts a variety of fascinating events and magnificent shows happening not only in Opera House itself but in the surrounding areas, as well.


Final Thoughts


There are many places in Sydney that are worth visiting for having the maximum amount of fun. Sydney’s amusement parks, museums, zoo, opera house, SCG and many more will make sure to give you the best experience possible.


All you have to do is just pack your bags and head there to start enjoying everything it offers and look for serviced accommodation in Sydney, NSW.