Wedding Do’s & Dont’s

August 26, 2019

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You will want to select the ideal piece to flatter your face and your wedding gown.


Pick a headpiece to match your dress.

Your headpiece should fit your dress in colour, and coordinate in decoration and style. An elaborately detailed gown requires a more elaborate headpiece, while a simpler or less formal apparel requires a less elaborate headpiece. Your veil length needs to coordinate with the period of your dress; the shorter the dress, the shorter the veil. Put on a chapel or cathedral length veil with a train, a ballet or fingertip having an ankle-length dress, and a blusher with a brief dress.


Find a headpiece that will enhance your face.

Try different styles until you discover the perfect look. If your face is round and complete, you want to add height with a tiara, pill box or a pouf added to the rear of a headpiece. If your face is long and narrow, you want to add width; think about a wide-brimmed hat.


Consider your hairstyle when picking your headpiece.

The length and style of your hair is going to have some influence on the sort of headpiece that appears best.  make sure you pick the right bridal earrings in australia before going to your wedding!


Make sure that the headpiece fits properly.

Ensure that you are able to move smoothly, that it seems comfortable and does not feel like it may slip off at any time.


Wearing the headpiece in the reception.

Or switch to a smaller hairpiece, including a bow, banana clip, or comb decorated with fresh or cloth flowers, ribbons and pearls.