What Is A 457 Visa Australia

July 4, 2021

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It is one of the most common types of visas in Australia. It is very much necessary for overseas and Australian employees. With this visa, skilled and talented workers can work in Australia. This is a temporary work visa. It allows the workers to come to Australia and work as qualified and approved workers or employees. They can also take their families with them for one day or four years. This will not reduce the chance of work for Australian employees but it gives the chance to the overseas employees with genuine skill and education. It is very much necessary where suitable and talented Australian employees are not available.



The more about this visa programme


It is a visa programme that is driven due to the demand of employees. This programme includes three-stage steps. The employers apply to become an approved sponsor. After that, they will nominate the overseas skilled and talented employees to fill up the vacant post. The talented, educated and skilled worker will finish this process by linking their temporary working visa. So, as you can see the 457 visa is the most common working visa in Australia to appoint overseas employees temporarily.



Which employees can use this visa programme?


Employers who operate their business legally inside or outside of Australia can use this visa programme. The employer needs to provide an application and cost to make their business qualified. It shows that they are operating a legal and lawful business. The standard and normal business sponsorship will be valid for three years or so. Overseas employers can also use this programme if they operate their business legally in Australia. But their primary sponsorship will be limited to one year.



Which overseas employees can use this visa programme?

The skilled workers can get a chance to use the 457 visa programme. The primary applicants should have the authentic intention to perform in the selected occupation or job position. They must have essential and related skills and education. They also should pass the English language needs. They should have all requirements and skills to perform the work pressure and duties. Apart from this, the employees need to meet the health, identity and other requirements as well.



Steps of application:


There are three stages. These are as follows:



1. Sponsorship:


The employer needs to apply for approval as a standard and qualified business operational sponsor for nominating a job position for the 457 visa.



2. Nomination:


The employer needs to nominate a job post for the current 457 visa holder.



3. Application of the visa:


The skilled and educated worker who will be selected can apply for the 457 visa.



The processing time of this visa:


You can get this within two months or so if you are a low-risk worker. But if you are a high-risk employee then, the process may take up to three months or so.



So, if you are planning to go and work in Australia then, you should apply for the 457 visa in Australia. It is available for skilled, educated and talented migrants.

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